How to Troubleshoot Common Installation Errors in AVG Antivirus?

AVG antivirus is very powerful antivirus program which is mainly used to protect the computer system from virus threats. It is the best security program that not only detects and eradicates the attacks but also repairs the corrupted/infected files. Additionally, this is a complete protection package which provides a separate zone for the files, that are not possible to repairable therefore protecting the computer system from getting additional smashed because of them. Due to these different features, AVG antivirus has become the first choice of users but unluckily, some of the users have the complaint about the technical problems faced by them while installing the security program.

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Method.1 Need to Repair the Corrupted Entrée to AVG Files: -

It can be done simply just by using AVG Reset Access Tool in the following ways:-

  • Firstly, you need to save the complete work which is in the procedure and then close all the opened files and documents.
  • You need to download ‘AVG Reset Access Tool’ from the official website of AVG antivirus.
  • Wait for few seconds till now the downloading gets complete.
  • Next step is that you need to run the downloading file.
  • Choose “yes” option, if the pop-ups to make changes to your system displays.
  • Click “Accept” button to confirm the license agreement.
  • Choose “Continue” button to apply the changes.
  • Reboot the computer system after completing this procedure. If you are unable to follow all these steps, you need to call at toll free AVG Antivirus Tech Support Number 1-800-683-5215 for immediate help.

Method.2 Remove the Already Installed Version of AVG: -

You need to use AVG remover tool -

  • Need to visit the official website of the antivirus and download the application from there.
  • Need to save the downloaded file and then run it rightly.
  • Click the “Continue” button in order to accept the license agreement and privacy policy.
  • Run the “scan” option so that the application can find all previously installed AVG products.
  • Select and install the products just by one by one clicking on the remove option the present in front of each and every.
  • After the procedure of uninstallation and restart your computer system. If you don’t have any idea regarding this step, you can call at toll free AVG Antivirus Support Phone Number for instant help.
  • If “open file security warning” window displays on your system’s screen, click on “Run” button for suitable completion of the uninstallation.

Method.3 Need to Download the New Version of AVG Antivirus: -

  • Firstly, you need to download the AVG installation file from its official website.
  • Make right click on the file in order to run it rightly and start the installation procedure.
  • Choose the language you want to proceed in and after that click “Continue” button.
  • Sign into your AVG Account just by typing the right username and password that you have given at the time of creating it. In the case, if you don’t have the AVG Account, you need to create a new account and then give all the information asked.
  • Wait until the procedure of installation finish. If you are not capable of solving this error, you should call at toll free AVG customer support number 1-800-683-5215 for quick solutions.
  • Should restart the computer system to complete the procedure.
  • Then, you need to open app and select “Antivirus free” file in order to open the dashboard.

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